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Fundada en Bogotá, Colombia, el 22 de Agosto de 1983; gracias a la experiencia adquirida en Alemania y Estados Unidos por parte de su socio mayoritario, trayendo a Colombia el conocimiento para la elaboración de productos para el mantenimiento industrial e institucional con un valor agregado y la constante preocupación por el medio ambiente, siendo así líderes en productos certificados como biodegradables.


La misión de Clean Shester es participar como socio estratégico, aumentando la productividad y competitividad de todos nuestros clientes fidelizándolos por medio de la optimización de los recursos, apoyando a que se garantice para ambas partes el cumplimiento de los requisitos aplicables, ayudando también en la minimización de impactos negativos ambientales, reducción de los riesgos y comprometidos con el desarrollo social satisfaciendo las necesidades y cumpliendo los requisitos de las partes interesadas mediante la investigación, desarrollo, innovación, fabricación y comercialización de productos químicos biodegradables con altos estándares de calidad y soluciones integrales sostenibles apoyando la industria especifica del cliente.


Hacia el 2015 Clean Shester será reconocido a nivel nacional y participará a nivel internacional como el socio estratégico en el suministro de soluciones personalizadas integrales, servicio y asesoramiento con participación activa en la investigación, desarrollo e innovación de productos químicos sostenibles con alto rendimiento para optimizar los procesos de nuestros clientes a la vez que ayudamos a ser confiables, competitivos y efectivos, cumpliendo con todos los requisitos de ley aplicables


CLEAN SHESTER DE COLOMBIA LTDA. Its a Colombian company with ISO 9001:2008 certification and 28 years of experience in design, development, manufacture and marketing of products for industrial and institutional maintenance.

Our quality system certification is available to Design and development ICONTEC being unique and leaders in these processes in Colombia. 

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and we have a staff who advise and assist our clients at all time for the preventive and corrective maintenance of areas and equipment. 

Our image is represented by four core strengths: DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT, QUALITY, SERVICE, PRICE and biodegradability, thus attesting to companies worldwide such as: Ecopetrol SA Compañía Nacional de Chocolates SA-Caterpillar Gecolsa, Venequip SA - Venezuela Caterpillar, Cummins of the Andes, NTS National Truck Service SA, Consorcio Minero Kingdom Central SA Pipeline OCENSA, CRM-Consorcio Rubiales Monterrey, Prodeco, Carbones de Colombia SA Cerrejón Coal, Daza Services, Casa Editorial El Tiempo SA Authorised Workshops, Nissan, Sodexo SA, Sofasa SA, Carulla Vivero SA, Tecimpre SA, National Press, Mapreco SA, Cementos Argos SA, Textilia, Sena, Avianca, eassy Fly, San Antonio International SA, Saxon Energy Services, Nabors Drilling Colombia, Union Temporal Petroland, Petrosantander, Plastilene SA Exxon Mobil de Colombia SA, Glassware Peldar SA Air Force Colombia Ltda Petroworks FAC, CIAC, Caracol TV, RCN TV, Proenfar SA, SA Gensa E.S.P. "Amazon Power Company E.S.P. SA, Cooperativa Colanta, Lime Clean Metropolitana, SA Clean City E, AAA ESP SA, Siemens SA, Xerox de Colombia, SA Superpolo General Hospital of Medellin, Colombia SA Large Surfaces Carrefour SA Promocon Olympic SA, Computer Data Point. Colsof SA, Industrias Ivor SA, Almacenes Exito SA, Challenger, Beverages Postobon and many other renowned companies nationwide. 

Our company has products in the areas of: Industrial, Institutional, Mining and Petroleum, Automotive, Aviation, Electrical and Electronics, Water treatment, industrial coatings, Office Equipment, Food and disinfection.


Founded in Bogotá, Colombia, on August 22, 1983, thanks to the experience acquired in Germany and the United States by its majority shareholder, bringing to Colombia knowledge to the development of products for industrial and institutional maintenance with a value added and the constant concern for the environment, and leading products being certified as biodegradable. These certificates are issued by outside amd objective laboratories that are accredited by DAMA (Enviromental administrative department) and who act as a neutral entity in the preparation of these assessments. 


Clean Shester's mission is to participate as a strategic partner, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of our customers fidelizándolos through optimization of resources, to ensure support for both parties compliance with applicable requirements, also helping in minimizing negative environmental impacts, risk reduction and social development committed to meeting the needs and fulfilling the requirements of stakeholders through research, development, innovation, manufacturing and marketing of biodegradable chemicals with high standards of quality and sustainable solutions supporting customer specific industry. 


Clean Shester to  2015 will be recognized nationally and internationally as part strategic partner in providing comprehensive custom solutions, service and advice with active participation in the research, development and innovation in sustainable chemicals to optimize performance processes of our customers while helping to be reliable, competitive and effective compliance with all applicable legal requirements. 


We carry out cleaning, Sand Blasting and coating industry. We have mobile teams nationally easy portability. Sector COATING surface preparation and application of industrial paint oil and mining machinery, Sector Maintenance and water treatment systems. Demarcation of industrial flooring and regulations applicable under standardized procedures by the SSPC and NACE. 


CLEAN SHESTER DE COLOMBIA LTDA. Has multiple processes and procedures that are certified by  ISO 9001/2008 standard updated since 2002. Since September 2009 the company received re-certification in ISO 9001:2008 NTC updated version of the standard of quality management, testing and once more the scope of our processes and real commitment to our customers by providing products, services and quality processes. 

At present the scope of our quality management system is design, manufacture and marketing of industrial and institutional maintenance. ISO standards have space for us to be certified at the product level by standards such as ASTM, biodegradability and services supported by the SSPC and NACE. 


Clean shest de Colombia Ltda, acquired commitment to ISO9000 manufacturing standards and developing products for industrial and institutional maintenance BIODEGRADABLE that contribute to environmental conservation by creating ecological balance. Therefore tip acquires raw materials, advanced technologies, encouraging continuous improvement. 

The product is biodegradable when it does not break the ecological balance because it is broken down and absorbed by complex biological processes, for the colonies of microorganisms without harm. In principle, everything in nature is biodegradable, the difference is given by the speed with which it does. 


The biodegradability must be certified by a competent laboratory based on the rules of the Administrative Department of the Environment DAMA, which requires that the biodegradability should be expressed by the ratio DBO/DQO5 and this should give more than 0.6 equivalent to 60 % speed degradation measured in 7 days. 

Our quality management system is built on SGC security as American NFPA 704 standards for identification and labeling of the risks, HMIS III for the description of the handling of our products, which we identified on our labels and MSDS NTC 4435.We ship our merchandise under the decree 1609:2002 in Colombia. 

1. MSDS: 

All our production line and technical support has the following documents: 
• The technical to trade information for each product. 
• The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), with 16 items that require the NTC-4435. 
• Biodegradability certified by the laboratory endorsement ANALQUIM LTDA. (Applies to those who meet this requirement.) 
By referring to our units of packaging and MSDS Section 3: Risk Identification found the following labels: 
• Diamond is security: According to NFPA 704 (National Fire Protection Association), designed by American firefighters to adequately manage the contingencies of the materials stored and transported. 
• Label HMIS III: Hazardous Material Identification System, which aims to identify the risk of materials, Protection and Handling of the product to users. This label identifies the PPE required for handling each chemical compound. 
• Pictograms: Our local transport vehicles due to the diversity of chemical mixtures that transport, have the most dangerous pictogram that in our case corresponds to run. 


We have a contingency plan that covers all scenarios inside and outside the company, this plan is supported and based on the SDA-Enviroment district secretary, under an agreement made in November with the UAESP and the Mayor of Bogota . It is also documented as part of our environmental management under ISO 14001:2004 NTC. 
Additionally, pursuant to Decree 1609 of 2002 our local delivery vehicles have their full Spill Kit, copies of MSDS for all products, our drivers are trained in reference. We invite you to audit our officers at the time of any delivery. With respect to our national offices, we service the carrier ALDIA LOGISTICS, who meets all the requirements for land transport of chemicals in Colombian territory. 


We do not generate any gas or emissions, which have been measured through administrative records of the authorities, because our environmental impact is classified into the dumps. Therefore we have no emissions. This is due to our manufacturing process. 


As part of our commitment to the environment is our line of aerosol propellant made with Eco-HCFC R134A, which is currently used for air conditioning in high-end vehicles and satisfies two important properties: 

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